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The Empowered Spirit Show

Nov 17, 2018

We’ve just been through a huge portal of energy opening: 11/11 in a universal year of an 11.

As I see it…there is lots of great support to move through transformation and open up to a whole new level for your path.

The angelic codes of the cosmic star gates are pouring in with a great activation of energy.  They part like a threshold of energy. You can ascend higher and higher to living in what is being called the New Earth - a 5th dimension of energy.

So hopefully you were able to set some energy out for you path last Sunday. Time to upgrade your light body.

We have 2 other opportunities coming in on 12/12 and 12/21.

Now the key is to hold this vibration.

As the podcast goes to air, we will be entering into our final Mercury Retrograde for this year. The tendency will be to return to your old go back to your comfort zone. 

There are lots of opportunities to move through and transform your life. The cosmic forces are strong. You can align your energy and your intentions with this energy

All of this I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week, which you can find the replay on my website  or tune into on Sundays on Facebook and Instagram. I offer information about the cosmos and how it affects your energy, and we align our focus, energetically, together. We look at the cards for guidance for the week. And, you can bring your questions! Join me.  

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With so much stress in the world, finding tools and techniques to rest, to pause and to be aware of your energy is so important. If you are in need of help or guidance, or feel inspired to learn more about your own spiritual practice, reach out. 

Download my free guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice. You can find it on my website It’s a Guide: 5 Simple Steps to Setting Up A Spiritual Practice. If you would prefer some private help, join me in my Empowered Spirit Program. 

On today’s episode, we will be talking about removing the blocks that get in your way of trusting your intuition. I offer an EFT (tapping) meditation to remove these blocks.

Most of us are aware that we have intuition.

Intuition is a sense (like one of the five senses) which is real and does exist. 

Rather than being something that is used on a regular basis, however, intuition appears to be elusive and evasive to many people.

Because intuition is a subtle sense, it’s very easy for people to block it and not pay attention to it.

So what are the limiting factors that block intuition?

3:22 - Intuition

7:15 - EFT Meditation

If you find yourself inspired and ready to learn more about your Intuition, contact me for a complimentary "Intuitive Spirit" Discovery Session.  Let’s discover the 3 things blocking you from trusting your intuition and the #1 thing you can do to trust your gut instincts.

To your Spirit!


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