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The Empowered Spirit Show

Mar 28, 2018

Join the Challenge!

Here we are at the start of spring and right in the retrograde season.

What are you noticing?

Have you been taking on too much energy from everyone else around you? 

Is the retrograde energy pulling you down?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live in the present?

To be able to recognize the...

Mar 21, 2018

In the spring, spiritually, we change our facing from the North and look to the direction of the East.

The energy begins to shift. We see this all around us through the flowers, the trees and the veggies too.

The elements of air, fire, earth and water shift too. We feel this in our body, mind and Spirit.

The direction...

Mar 14, 2018

We often underestimate the amazing healing capacity of the body and take it for granted.

Did you know that your body works constantly to protect, regenerate and heal you?

When you know this, it can help you get to the root cause, which in turn strengthens this ability.

For example, here we are moving through one season...

Mar 7, 2018

We are coming to the end of winter season. Our meditation is about honoring this last bit of winter and beginning the shift into Spring.

Our card from the Wisdom of the Oracles is Between Worlds - protection mode. This aligns with this time; it offers us that sometimes life is hard and we can push really hard. It reminds...