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The Empowered Spirit Show

Apr 4, 2018

l'm sharing something super vulnerable today, but what Dr. Jacob Liberman shares with me is so comforting.

I wasn't going to share this quite yet.

l've barely had time to process it myself. 

In fact, one could judge me and say, “Then what good is your work?”

Or they could say, “Why do I need to have a spiritual practice if this can happen to you, a spiritual teacher?”

But As Dr. Jacob Liberman shares with us in this interview, the diagnosis is usually worse than the dis-ease. 

The way we hold on to information in the mind can exaggerate the diagnosis. 

It can amplify it because we, as humans, tend to hold on to information long after we need to.

But when you come into your spiritual practice and use your tools, like your breath, meditation, yoga, journaling and reflecting on the energy of your chakras, you can let the mind go

You can free up the energy and activate the healing light, the higher consciousness that brings you back to loving yourself.

No matter what.


My guest, Dr. Jacob Liberman, is a pioneer and Visionary in the fields of light, vision and consciousness. His newest book, Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living, shares how we can open up and share in the greatest human connection of loving each other that is powered by light.

Originally trained as an optometrist and vision scientist, his life changed in 1976 after the miraculous healing of his eyesight, leading him to a deeper understanding of light and the science of life.

An internationally respected public speaker, Dr. Liberman shares his scientific and spiritual discoveries about light as the divine spark that guides our life’s journey, entwining us with the unseen architect of all that is. He has addressed more than 2,000 live audiences worldwide and has been endorsed by award-winning artists, Hall of Fame athletes and luminaries in science, spirituality and medicine.

Dr. Liberman is the author of two other seminal books on light and vision, and the developer of the first FDA-cleared medical device for vision improvement. His years of clinical research and direct experience have led him to a new philosophy of life that can be implemented by anyone at home, resulting in profound transformation that is rapid, significant and permanent. For more information, visit


As this interview is a little longer than usual and packed with great information, below are the time stamps for each topic we discussed:

 1:52 Meditation

9:05 How does light guide us?

11:09 What is Light?

13:05 Why does the Sun have a bad rap right now, ie. skin cancer, vitamin 9?

16:27 Discernment about sun light and the medical approach.

18:10 His suggestions to me about my situation

19:00 All aspects of our physiology is dependent on the Sunlight.

19:48 Where does Color come into Light and Consciousness?

26:44 The body knows what it needs. Our beliefs are mirrored in our biology.

28:34 Light brings us back into that present moment. The body innately knows everything it needs.

30:15 Vision is so much more that what we see with our eyes.

34:28 Intuition is the awareness of the invisible, the signals of light. Cells can detect a single photon. The body is frozen light.

35:50 Light and Technology - Light is the Medicine of the Present.

42:27 A most profound moment for Dr. Jacob Liberman that has spread to love and acceptance of all.


We all have difficulties. We all have worries.  We are all in the same boat. We need each other. 

As Dr. Liberman says, “It’s our caring for each other that does something really profound for each other.”

So no, there is no giving up and no quitting the Spiritual Practice. 

Quite the opposite.

It is time to dig deep and remove the dis-ease, to understand what's really going on beneath the surface.

There is a lesson here

The 5 Day Spiritual Challenge is underway in the Facebook group.  It’s never too late to start your own practice.  Come join in this force of energy!

As you start to build this practice, maybe you will also recognize the empathic nature you hold.  And, just maybe, this is blocking your intuitive abilities. 

I’ll be offering a Facebook Live webinar on the topic of Empathy.  Click here for more information and to get a reminder.


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