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The Empowered Spirit Show

May 2, 2018

Intense full moons, deep spiritual energy and reflections on one’s path have been the focus of my conversations lately.

These full moons, they do that! They shine lots of light on that darkness within. During this Scorpio energy, sensitivity is heightened and the depth of your soul can come forward.

For some, it could be a little unsettling, but for others, it could be just the cosmic push that is needed for this transformative shit.

It definitely brings up our stuff. 

At least, that is what I am seeing in my personal work and with my clients.

It is only through surrendering and sitting in the uncomfortable that shifts can occur.

When you find that connection in your physical life to the connection in your spiritual life, it will help you to uncover repetitive patterns that keep getting in your way.

It will help you get to the root cause of your behavior.

And when you get to the root cause, you will truly begin the healing process.

Have you ever been stuck?

You know what you want to do, you work towards doing it, yet there is something that keeps getting in you way.

It may even play out as self-sabotage. 

You don’t mean to sabotage your work, but there is something that you just can’t move beyond. You find yourself day after day, month after month, maybe even year after year, in the same place.

I call this an energetic imprint. 

Any intense emotion, felt at a time of crisis or drama, becomes energetically stored within you.

For example, extreme anger over a situation can become trapped inside your psychic space. This event becomes stored along with an emotional feeling by your energetic body. Even though many years or lifetimes may pass since the original event, particular words, a look, a smell or an activity may trigger an emotionally charged reaction.

Your reactions to these triggers can lead to inactivity, old behavior patterns or just shut you down.

They can lead to physical symptoms as well, depending on where in the body the imprints are held.

One of the tools I utilize with my clients to help uncover these imprints is readings from the Akashic Records. 

Working in the Akashic Records helps you to look at the Soul imprints and how you carry these imprints into the present lifetime.

When you uncover these imprints, you can create new contracts for your present situation to help you grow and move forward with intention.

On this episode of the Empowered Spirit Show, I offer an on-air Askahic Reading with my client, Jessica Carmon. Jessica is a very talented and natural healer but feels that something is getting in her way from sharing her gifts and working with people.

In this episode we talk about what the Akashic Records are and how they can help her to uncover what it is that is getting in the way. It shows her why she is stuck and where she is holding these imprints in her body.

Jessica was born & raised in Birmingham, AL.  She graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Spanish. Knowing that she wanted to work with people in a creative space, Jessica became a hairstylist right out of school.  For 10 years, she enjoyed providing hair and makeup services for weddings, salon clients and photo shoots. Over the years, she came to realize the connection between our environments and our health. As she became more sensitive to the idea that we diminish our health and vitality by applying chemicals to our hair and skin, she left the world of cosmetology and turned towards aromatherapy and other wellness-based modalities. Currently, Jessica is focusing on developing her gifts so that she can share them with the world. Find Jessica at

In this episode we cover:

•   2:58 - The Akashic Records - Soul Imprints

•   3:49 - Fields of Energy

•   4:21 - Our experiences and memories

•   6:31 - Meditation and Oracle Card from Dr. Brian Weiss’s Past Life Oracle Cards -

•   Scribe or Writer - Look for signs and symbols in your life about your own ability to write.

•   12:03 - Akashic Reading with Jessica - Her question:  What is getting in the way of her gifts and helping others?

•   38:51 - Understanding what happened

•   44:40 - Ho'oponopono

•   48:40 - Bringing Forward the Knowledge

•   49:24 - Going back to the Original Question and how it all relates.

Now what?

Now Jessica can continue to work with the healing techniques of Ho’oponon technique and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to release the energy of this old contract as she begins to move forward with the new soul contract.

Yes, so much to take in. It does need some processing and shifting. But this is how the healing will happen and how she will now be able to move forward.

Would like to experience this for yourself?

Reach out and book an Akashic Reading to uncover the imprints that are getting in your way.

Have a question about this reading today? Email me!

Allow your soul’s work to come forward to empower your life!

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