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The Empowered Spirit Show

May 9, 2018

Have you noticed the big shift in energy?

Has this left you in a state of transitions?

 A transition is that process or stage of changing from one place to another. 

Transitions can be so many different things and there are many of them in life from being born to dying, from coming of age to marriage, changing from one job to another, moving homes, illness, loss of a loved one or like, or in my case many years ago,  going through divorce.

Transitions exist in all forms.

How do you get through it?  

Do you find a new alignment for youself?  Or does it shake you up and bring on feelings of being a victim?

As we talked about on the energy focus this past Sunday, putting your energy forward, taking steps to really understand what your purpose is all about it very key.  

Focus and clarity is needed but not always easy to find.

Right now, with all that is going on in the cosmos, as well as the collective consciousness, many people are finding themselves in a kind of crisis or different circumstances and not exactly knowing what to do.

These are transitions too.

It is easy to panic.

And, it’s easy to turn to the old habits of coping with stress, like addictions.

Transitions can be hard, which is the subject of this next podcast on The Empowered Spirit Show and the subject of an interview I did with Reiki Rays for the upcoming Reiki Healing Summit Spring 2018.

The Reiki Summit 2018 is a virtual event which starts on May 21st. It features 37 amazing Reiki teachers, practitioners, best-selling authors, and experts from all over the world.

I am very honored to have been asked to be one of the speakers.  I would love for you to have this opportunity to learn from these guest speakers!  I am including the link for you.  Click here to join the summit.

One of the ways I dealt with the transition of divorce was by learning Reiki.  And in this episode we will look at what Reiki is and how it can help to move through all this complicated energy with ease.
I've actually talked about Reiki in several other episodes.

Catch Your Spirit with Reiki Master Jennifer Ellwood.

Summer Series - Meditation - Episode 5 - Reiki Meditation with Rachel Goldberg

4:04 Meditation - Oracle Card for this episode:  Loyal Heart - A great reminder to be loyal to your soul.  Where can you find this loyality for your work, your life and your Spirit? 

  • 9:00 What is Reiki?

  • 9:40 The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (

  • 10:50 All layers of the aura are addressed:  Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual

  • 11:28  People have sought Reiki treatment for a wide variety of reasons

  • 12:00 - Transitions

  • 13:03 - Ability to move energy with Reiki

  • 13:41 - Stuck in old energy

  • 14:19 - Help with divorce 

  • 14:58 - Responsibility

  • 15:15 - Helps to Meditate

  • 15:59 - One Step at a Time

  • 17:19 - Energy Technique - Try this!  Create an Energy Ball

  • 22:00 - A Perfect Opportunity

  • 22:29 - Reiki allows for change

Join me in the Summit!  Click here to register.

Reach out for a Reiki Session.

Reiki Circle - Birmingham Yoga - Wednesday nights at 5:30.

Reiki 1 Class - June 16th, 2018

Reiki 2 Class - June 2nd, 2018


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