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The Empowered Spirit Show

Mar 9, 2019

As this podcast goes to air, we have moved through the energies of the new moon in Pisces, the start of Mercury retrograde and the Uranus transit into Taurus.

The energy of Pisces as felt in both the new moon and the Mercury retrograde is all about going deeper within and opening up your intuitive abilities, deepening your spiritual awareness in order to manifest your dreams for this year. As we have talked about, Pisces is a vibration that can help you to open up to your spirituality. It will support you in this practice to go deeper within as you practice the skills of intuition with a higher rate of success. Intuition is a skill you can learn. This energy allows you the capacity to communicate your own emotions as well as recognize the need of others.

Pisces teaches us that intuition is a real superpower!  

So if you aren’t training yours, and especially not trusting yours…now is the time to do this…and the cosmic forces will support you in this.

Knowing who you are and how to express your intuitive nature is a big emphasis right now.  Are you aware of your intuitive abilities? Are you practicing the skills to sharpen this “super power” or are you just taking in lots of information and guessing about everything and leaving yourself wide open?

The thing that I like with this Mercury retrograde is that the Pisces energy is pulling you to return to your spiritual practice…to refresh it…to renew those spiritual contracts with yourself.  

It’s easy to stay stuck in the past, but when you work on understanding the deeper parts of who you are, you will find it so much easier to move forward as we open up to the spring season.

All of this I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week, which you can find the replay on my website  or tune into on Sundays on Facebook and Instagram live. I offer information about the cosmos, how it affects your energy and we align our focus, energetically, together. If you aren't in my Facebook group, The Empowered Sprit Circle, I would love to invite you in. Coming up this spring, I will be offering Akashic Clearings only in the group. The link is in the show notes or you can click here.  

In today’s episode, we will be talking to Mandi Rae, the mind behind Ecstatic Astrology to give us another view into the cosmic forces of Astrology. 

Mandi Rae has been studying all modes of astrology, but specializing in Evolutionary Astrology, for 5 years now. Evolutionary Astrology is a specific paradigm that reveals the evolutionary developments and progressions of any Soul. It asks the question “Why am I here, and what are my Lessons?”  In essence the Evolutionary Astrologer is a Soul Worker who is able to help others understand their own unique evolutionary journey from life to life. This requires no belief: only validation of one’s own actual life experiences.  

Mandi has studied under the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of Evolutionary Astrology, and is also a part of the New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative under the instruction and guidance of Kaypacha.  In addition, she is a member of OPA - the Organization for Professional Astrology, and also a member of the C-I-A (Cosmic Intelligence Agency).  She never stops searching for information and ways to expand her knowledge and horizons.  

With Ecstatic Astrology, you can count on well rounded and clear explanations of astrological insights, both related to a personal birth charts and to the current cosmic transits for the collective.   

Facebook: Ecstatic Astrology . Instagram: ecstaticastrology

In this interview we talk about:

  • What is Evolutionary Astrology?

  • How is it different than other Astrology?

  • What is a Chart Reading about?

  • What are things that are looked at in one’s chart?

  • How do imprints affect us in present time?

  • What do archetypes have to do with our soul?

  • What do we uncover about our life through astrology?

The meditation for this episode will help you center your energy and prepare for coming out of the Winter and into the Spring. The oracle card is New Life, a great choice for awakening the Spirit.

With so much stress in the world, finding tools and techniques to reset, to pause and be aware of our energy is so vital.

Having a spiritual practice in this overwhelmingly busy time period in history is crucial, for both our health and mental sanity.

Want to learn more about your energy?

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