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The Empowered Spirit Show

Sep 14, 2019

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Harvest Moon

As this podcast goes to air, we’re moving into a Pisces full moon, bringing in lots of opportunities to become aware of your intuition, allowing you to go deeper within to hear the messages of your Spirit.  

Ever since I was a little girl, I would stare in wonder of the full moon.

I was obsessed with having to see it.

I knew it had some kind of effect on me, but I was really too innocent to understand.

So I just kept the wonderment alive without questioning it too much.

Until…I got older.

As what happens with most children as they grow up, the questions increase, the judgements start and the opinions of others come in.

I kept the wonder but noticed the intense increase in energy I was carrying.

I noticed the swing of my moods around the full moon.

I noticed the cycles of life. The cycles of the tides, and the fullness of the emotions!

I had such trouble understanding exactly which emotion it was that I was feeling under the light of the moon.  

I would become pent up with feelings.

I was constantly hearing… quit being so sensitive… stop your crying…  the moon is full every month.

It wasn’t until a wise teacher helped me to understand my energy, suggesting that I was an empath, did I ever put the two together.

Yes, I was pulling in emotions of all those around me.  

Yes, I was needing to take more care of me more during this cosmic cycle.

And, yes the full moon did make the empathic energy more…

Which is what I am talking about on this episode of the Empowered Spirit Show, 

The Intuitive Energy Of a Pisces Full Moon.  

The energy of the full moon this month is in the sun sign of Virgo and the moon sign is in Pisces. Virgo is service and Pisces is intuition and spirituality.  Both are highly intuitive vibrations.


This year the September Full Moon is also referred to as the Harvest Moon, as it is the last Full Moon before the Equinox.

As the light of the moon grows, we becomes aware of being in both of these energies.

In today’s episode I will be talking about the Intuitive Energy of a Full moon and how to best utilize the cosmic forces energy, especially for enhancing your intuition.

How can this full moon help you to be more intuitive and sharpen your skills? 

Does the extra intuitive light of the moon affect you?

I’ve talked about how empaths are affected by full moons and if you missed the the episode on it, be sure to go back and listen. It’s become one of my most popular episode. The link is in the show notes.

The thing is, you must begin to separate out the the empath energy from your intuitive energy,  They can fill similar but are different energies

Empathic energy tends to taken on all as if it is your energy. 

Whereas, intuitive energy can be accessed in a number of ways. Yes, it can be similar to the Clair senstinse - feeling energy but intuition can also be received in other clairvoyance, Claircognizant, Clairaudience, Clairtangency (clear touching) Clairsalience (clear smelling) Clairgustance (clear tasting)  telepathy, and there are probably others too.

As you move through this cosmic forces especially with the moon in Pisces, check in with your energy.  

Look at your discipline.

Check in with your boundaries.  

Proper boundaries with yourself and others will provide a healthy and better aligned energy. They are guidelines into all the areas of your life.

Training and learning about these abilities is super helpful, all of which I teach in my Empowered Spirit Program.

Untrained, it can create so many issues but trained, it’s a super power.

Full Moons are big peaks of energy.  So when they come around, using intention and ritual can help  you to enhance your intuitive abilities.

Any psychic or intuitive insights you receive will be strongest and most clear during the Full Moon phase.

Under this Full Moon, you may more strongly feel called to connect with your intuition and deepen your spiritual practice. If you want to meditate or do some ritual work, this will be the perfect time to do so.

Overall, the September Full Moon is set to bring new truths to the surface or bring old beliefs crashing to the floor.

It may stir emotions or trigger feelings that need to be expressed and released. It may also guide us to venture into higher states of consciousness and to deepen our spiritual gifts.

It is a heavy Full Moon that may also bring closure as we wrap up the events of the season and prepare to enter into a new one.

The best way to navigate through this Full Moon is to be open to new information and to remember that life is a constant journey of learning.

Even when we think we have it all figured out, life comes along and shows us we still have more to go. This is not a shortcoming of our own, but rather the process and adventure that life brings.

If we remain humble and open to the lessons on offer, when we do make that final change from this reality to the next.

During the Full Moon energy, you can tap into your gifts by: 

  • Journaling and writing down what you receive

  • Pay special attention to what is received during dream state

  • Sharing what you get with others

Your intuitive insights will be most clear during this time. 

Here’s how you can tap into and harness the Full Moon energy:

  • If you are actively doing readings, give a reading during this time - either for yourself or for another

  • If you want to receive insights, focus on downloading and recording insights from your dream state.

  • If you have any blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your gifts, focus on releasing the things that do not serve your growth.

You can work with the Full Moon to express your psychic and intuitive abilities outward. 
Are you faced, right now, with a decision…and is that decision a choice between trusting your intuition or relying on your logical mind?

Do you trust your intuition? 

Really trust it, without having to debate with it? 

Can you follow it in a split second, or do you hesitate? 

Do you over analyze the circumstances in your life?

What would your life be like if you lived fully from a place of intuition? Would it be easier? Does this thought scare you because it doesn’t have a logical foundation? 

Can you watch that fear come up and pass without reacting to it? 

How would that feel?

How can you start trusting your intuition and overcome any limiting programming, to help you project your inner imagination into the physical world to bring it in?

With all of these planets involved on this Full Moon, including Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto, we are dealing with a lot of varying energies. 

Quoting from the Spirit Daughters Full moon workbook…. This Full Moon could feel intense on your system in a variety of ways. Mars will remind you of your motives, Neptune will compel you to dream more, Jupiter will ask how your motives and dreams are expanding you and if you are taking the leaps of faith needed, while Pluto is sitting in the background bringing light to the overall growth of your energy. The leader of the pack is the Moon in Pisces, reminding you that the most important thing is to remember you are the one observing all of these ups, downs, and processes. You are the witness to the evolution of your energy. You do not need to react to any of ups and downs, just watch them and learn the lessons that each holds at this time.

 With the light of the full moon, you can use the cosmic energy to help you.

In astrology, the Moon is connected to our emotions, intuition, feelings of security, maternal energy, creativity and our potential.

When the Moon is full, we often feel all of this energy on the strongest and most deepest level

So…as we pull in our auric field, define the boundaries, we can pull in this light, everything is vibration... right…and align to the Intuitive energies of knowing and seeing…and hearing, tasting smelling etc.

To help us with that, we are going to create a ritual just for this. We are going to need a few tools…like the, air, earth, and water…to help...if you can gather some Crystals from the earth like…

Gather these 3 crystals if can or your favorite one to work with will be good as well.

1) Fluorite brings air energy and focus into your space. Emotions are fluid like water and sometimes require some lightness to show you what is the truth. Fluorite also can aid as your reflection leads to healing. 

2) Amethyst provides spiritual protection. Generally speaking, all water energy signs can benefit from using Amethyst.

3) Black Tourmaline can be used to protect you from the emotional energy of this time. It is also a gentle grounding stone when you may be feeling spacey or in your head.

Create your sacred space…if you don’t already have one, be sure to get my guide.  

Gather a piece of paper…a pen…for your thoughts representing air.  

Gather some water in a shallow bowl.

And some fire…a candle and sage.

On the New Moon you are surrounded by darkness, but on the Full Moon your entire being is surrounded by the light and this helps you to see things with a clearer perspective and helps you to take action in order to move forward.

Now...follow along and allow yourself to go within and just witness all the sensations…open up to seeing or hearing something…and then just observe...

Notice where this comes in for you...
This is the energy and vibration to build upon. Continue to come here...every full moon…because the light is full...because it holds this vibration for you to align with...and learn and grow as you build this Intuitive knowing for you.

Inspired to learn more about your own innate abilities? Reach out. Find me on social media or contact me through this episode.

To your Spirit,


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