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The Empowered Spirit Show

Dec 22, 2018

In this episode, we are exploring the energy of this new season of Winter and look to the energy of 2019.

We are at that point in the year where we are not only moving out of one season and into another but also closing out the year.  I find it very helpful to take the time to acknowledge these shifts and to choose to be a part of manifesting the direction of your life.

As this show goes to air, we are in the energy of the Full Moon Winter Solstice.

This occurrence hasn’t happened in about 19 years—that’s the average interval, according to an article I read from

To me, this shows us the contrast in life: darkest, longest night with the brightest luna light coming in.  And no mistake, this energy will be showing up a lot in the year ahead.

Contrast and temperance of elements are two themes we will explore in this episode.

2019 is what I would call a bridge year… a year that will lead us into 2020. It’s a year that we will see lots of… (listen in on the episode for the rest of the forecast!)

We always have a choice in how we want to manage the energy.

With so much stress in the world, finding tools and techniques to pause, to reset and be aware of your energy is so important. If you are in need of help or guidance or feel inspired to learn more about your own spiritual practice, reach out. 

Download my free guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice. You can find it on my website at  It’s a 5 Step Guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice, part of Spiritual Literacy in your life.  If you would prefer some private help, join me in my Empowered Spirit Program. 

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Happy Holidays!

To your Spirit,


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