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The Empowered Spirit Show

Feb 16, 2019

As this podcast goes to air, we are moving into the Full Moon, bringing in lots of opportunities to become aware of your energy, allowing you to go deeper within to hear the messages of your Spirit.  

The energy of the full moon this month is in Virgo, and the sun sign is just moving into Pisces. Virgo is service and Pisces is spirituality.  Both are highly intuitive vibrations.

As the light of the moon grows we becomes aware of being in both of these energies.

The common vibrations of these planetary forces have to do with intuitively being of service, which asks you to look at the empath energies …especially the boundaries…. both physical and emotional.  That means boundaries in your space as well as the emotions you take on…and give out.

Virgo can be over-giving and always wanting to help other, while Pisces tends to be very open and can take on too much energy. As you tap into these energies, finding the balance between the two can be very powerful and beneficial.

As we have been talking about since the beginning of the year, knowing who you are and how to express your intuitive nature is a big emphasis during this season. Can you show up for this right now? 

Can you acknowledge the empathic energy you hold and can you create better boundaries for yourself?

Can you let go of the old patterns?  What do healthy boundaries look like?

I know it can be hard, especially if you are moving through some challenges right now. It always seems so much easier to stay in the old patterns. It takes getting quiet to hear and see and feel and know the new messages that come in, to allow yourself to make these changes.

Boundaries are good things, but many people have trouble with them.

Focusing on your empathic energies and setting boundaries will help you to manifest your new intentions, and these cosmic forces can help you to understand the choices that you can make.  

All of this I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week, which you can find the replay on my website  or tune into on Sundays on FaceBook and Instagram. 

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With so much stress in the world, finding tools and techniques to rest, to pause and be aware of your energy is so important. If you are in need of help or guidance, or feel inspired to learn more about your own spiritual practice, reach out. 

Download my free guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice. You can find it on my website It’s a guide: 5 Simple Steps to Setting Up A Spiritual Practice. If you would prefer some private help, join me in my Empowered Spirit Program. 

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In today’s episode I will be talking about the Empath energy, especially the emotional empath. 

What does this full moon have to do with being empathic and how does the extra intuitive light of the moon affect you?

I will be answering questions most asked from my students, like:

What is an Empath…the good and the bad?

Are there different types of Empaths?

Why is the full moon so intense for Empaths?

What are some ways to create better boundaries for Empaths?

Training and learning about these abilities is super helpful and all of which I teach in my Empowered Spirit Program. Untrained, it can create so many issues, but trained, it’s a super power.

The meditation for this episode will help you to bring in a Golden Light to create a beautiful and protective boundary for your auric field of energy.

The Oracle card that came forward from the Wisdom of the Oracles was No Place Like Home, reminding you to be authentic to yourself as you create the boundaries that are best for you. Love yourself and be okay in your own body!

As you move through these cosmic forces, check in with your energy.

Look at your discipline.

Check in with your boundaries.  

Proper boundaries with yourself and others will provide a healthy and better aligned energy. They are guidelines into all the areas of your life.

Bring in the high vibrations of Virgo and Pisces that this month offers you.  

Practice the skills of intuition. Yes, you can learn them.

I’d love to guide you to make the process quicker.  If you’d like to schedule a free Empowered Spirit Discovery session so that we can discover the things getting in your way that you’re likely not aware of, and what simple things would be most beneficial to you right now, go here to schedule a time that is best for you.

Having a spiritual practice in this overwhelmingly busy time period in history is crucial, for both our health and mental sanity.  I look forward to hearing from you.

To your Spirit,


PS… Don’t delay in building your spiritual practice.  You’ll be amazed at how much of an impact simple things can make on your daily experience of life.  I’m here to help you bring that peace, clarity and calmness quicker.  Schedule an Empowered Spirit Discovery session with me today.

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