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The Empowered Spirit Show

Aug 1, 2018

By now, you have probably heard me talk about my diagnosis with skin cancer. My first diagnosis was last summer and the next one came this past winter.

But this time, I was not too keen on just cutting my face up again to get rid of it.

With all physical ailments, underneath it all is an unresolved emotional issue.

So, I decided to take my own advice and follow the Spirit of my work and look beneath the surface.

I admit, modern medicine would have worked on the outside, but I wasn’t getting to the root of my issue, so it was returning.

Have you ever noticed this for yourself?

You take the medicines and follow the procedures, you feel better, for a day or a week, and then the symptoms return?

In my case it was 6 months. More cancer showed up, and they wanted to schedule me in right away.

Who wants to continually have their face cut up?

Not me!

So I decided to return to the ancient wisdom of Plant Medicine. To help us understand more of blending this ancient wisdom with modern techniques is Shira Adler.

Shira Adler believes, like I do, that it's not okay for people to be over-medicated, pushed into surgery and underserved!  Shira is an author, speaker, advocate, entrepreneur, and instigator.  She was forced to go beyond Western Medicine to seek answers and find new tools to help her own family survive and thrive in today's complicated world.


•   3:50 - Shira Adler has spent a lifetime helping others overcome myriad life challenges, obstacles, and personal issues. Now Shira is a nationally recognized CBD-centric media wellness personality, hailed as "the voice for our time” and Founder & CEO of Shira Synergy, a CBD based consumer products company whose mission is to combine ancient wellness with modern science. Shira is also author of what has become the “definitive industry guide" — The ABCs of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (and regular folks too) — which was just released in its revised edition with a Northern California book tour planned for the Fall, 2018 (”Author Chat” interview).

Reuters dubbed Shira #TheMarijuanaMama, and other media, organizations, and canna-community leaders have added to that list: #CannaGodmother, #ThePotMom, #MAMA (Modern Alternative Mom Advocate), #MetaphysicalMrsFields, and more. A “recovering anti-pot parent”, Shira's passion and purpose are to educate, uplift, and inspire on a whole You level. Read, connect, and learn The ABCs of CBD — Why Pot Is NOT What We Were Taught.

Learn more about Shira and her work at shiraadler.comShira Synergy Shop. Purchase her book: ABC’s of CBDs!

•   7:25 - Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science - “Start Low and Go Slow”

•   8:00 - Natural Medicine - Dosage

•   10:37 - ABCs of CBDs - The Essential Guide for Parents (And regular folks too). Pot is Not What We Were Taught!

•   14:58 - Cannabis versus Opiates

•   18:00 - PTSD - #Metoo - CBD can help to heal.

•   20:30 - CBD is not all created equal - Know where your CBD oils come from.

•   25:39 - Industrial Hemp - Hemp Bill

•   39:00 - Deliveries Methods


The shamanistic roots of who you are go all the way back to the ancient teachings connected to nature and all creations of Mother Earth.

As we evolve, it is not that we lose these teachings but rather integrate them into modern wellness.

With so much stress in the world, finding tools and techniques to relax and be aware of our energy is so important. If you are in need of help or guidance reach out. You don’t have to do this alone.

You can make different choices!

To your Spirit,


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