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The Empowered Spirit Show

Sep 19, 2018

It’s a new season on the Empowered Spirit Show.


A big thank you to all that filled out the survey and offered me your thoughts, likes, favorites and suggestions for upcoming episodes. I really appreciate your comments! It helps me to know how to serve this community in a bigger and better way. 


I’m taking your suggestions and using them in this new season. We are going to be talking about Spiritual Literacy and all of the many ways you can read the signs written in your life that offer you guidance and direction.


Some might say that it is a gift from Spirit to do this. And, some might say it’s a gift you can train.


What do you think?


We know of financial literacy as being able to understand and read about finances, reading literacy as learning to read, writing literacy as learning to write. 


Literacy is all the many aspects that go into creating these tools and practices. It’s the competence and knowledge in a specified area.


So, spiritual literacy can be seen as the knowledge of what spirituality is combined with the knowledge to be able to read and understand the signs and connections that you encounter on a daily basis.


Spiritual Literacy will offer you the opportunity to find those sacred moments about your day.


Spiritual literacy is about recognizing that life is sacred. It’s about your everyday encounter and the signs that point to the active presence of Spirit in the world around you.


As Frederic and Mary Ann Burssat state in their book, Spiritual Literacy is the ability to read the signs written in the texts of your own experience. Whether viewed as a gift from God or a skill to be cultivated, this facility enables you to discern and decipher a world full of meaning.


It’s about educating yourself to the many tools and techniques that spirituality has to offer. This is what I will be talking about in this new series: tools, techniques, sacred space, cosmic energy, consciousness and how to recognize the signs and connections in your life.


In today’s episode:


4:33 - I start out with looking at the transition of seasons, the elements and how this can affect your own energy.

 Knowing more about how to transition from summer into autumn will help you to align with the present moment and become more aware of the energy around you.

6:30 - Teachings of the Medicine - Direction of the West 

9:45 - Crystals for this season

10:45 - Meditation - Drop off the old energy of summer and fully open up to all the energies that autumn can offer you.

21:30 - Wisdom of the Oracles - Higher Power. This card invites you to go into that deeper connection of your soul and express the energy you discover though that connection. It reminds you that you are a spiritual being in a physical body and more than that person working to get ahead in life.  Let you higher power lead you as you recognize the signs that will guide you in your life.


Yep, that’s a great reminder of discovering your own spiritual literacy!

Look for the signs connecting you with your Higher Power as you move through this week.


Thanks for listening!


To your Spirit,



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