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The Empowered Spirit Show

Mar 28, 2018

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Here we are at the start of spring and right in the retrograde season.

What are you noticing?

Have you been taking on too much energy from everyone else around you? 

Is the retrograde energy pulling you down?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live in the present?

To be able to recognize the synchronicities and spiritual experiences in your life to help guide you?

Have you ever had a spiritual experience?

An experience that makes you feel like time has stopped?

An experience that has the potential to change the direction of your life?

I have had these experiences. Many of them to be honest… (Check out Episode 9).

One of the very first ones I can remember goes back to the late 90’s.

I was sitting in my car. I was in the thick of a divorce, confused and lost. I had just come from my very first session with a Spiritual Teacher.

And, in the silence of the car, I heard… you are going to be ok.

And in that moment, my life shifted.

I began to follow that voice.

I began to tap into my Spirit.

I used that moment in time, that spiritual experience to help me in my life.

These experiences are all around you, but you have to be present to recognize them.

Life can be challenging and it is easy to miss these moments.

In this next episode of The Empowered Spirit Show, my guest, Christine Scarborough, shares her vulnerabilities and how these kinds of experiences changed her life for the better. She talks about finding a great peace within and the deepest love for herself that she has ever known.

Christine Scarborough was raised in Alabama and spent most of her adult life moving to various parts of the country before settling down in Georgia. Having spent her professional career in the veterinary field, she underwent an existential crisis and spiritual awakening after a series of challenging events, including the loss of her father, the loss of her biological father, receiving a major medical diagnosis, and finally struggling with her job and identity.

After a session with an intuitive and spiritual advisor, Christine developed a daily spiritual routine, a newfound faith, and a connection with her higher consciousness. She’s currently working on developing her intuitive abilities and is pursuing her heart’s passion. She’s creating her blog and podcast, Living Differently and Better, which she hopes will inspire others to realize their full potential and live their life’s purpose.

Many times it takes recognizing your discomfort and pain. 

Maybe for you, like me, it is going through a divorce. 

Or, like Christine, losing a job that pushes you into some soul searching and asking those questions, recognizing these moments, moments that are spiritual experiences that will shake you up but allow for the synchronicity in life to come forward so that you can follow the energy and create a spiritual practice to change your life and follow your purpose.

To help you recognize these experiences for yourself, I am starting a Spiritual Challenge in my Facebook Group, The Empowered Spirit Circle, beginning next week - Monday, April 2.

This challenge will help you to build your very own Spiritual Practice so that you can find that connection within. It will help you to center your energy, to build your focus and concentration, and to tap into that deeper part of who you are.

 Let’s get the holidays out of the way and have the space and time to do this.

Go ahead and join the Challenge here. 

There is some prep work to do and some elements to gather. I’ll explain it all to you once you sign up.

Join the Facebook Group here.

Let’s do this! 

Get some support.

You can align your energy.

You can be a Master to your mind and your energy for this new season of spring.

When all this retrograde energy turns direct, you will be ready to move forward in a strong and productive manner.


There are still some spaces available in the Spring Season of the Empowered Spirit Program. Contact Terri for a Complimentary Intuitive Assessment.

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