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The Empowered Spirit Show

Mar 7, 2018

We are coming to the end of winter season. Our meditation is about honoring this last bit of winter and beginning the shift into Spring.

Our card from the Wisdom of the Oracles is Between Worlds - protection mode. This aligns with this time; it offers us that sometimes life is hard and we can push really hard. It reminds us to be mindful and understand not to expect but to allow all that Spirit has for you right now. 

The seasonal change is a good time to break patterns and old habits.

Which means it's also a good time to begin new behaviors, new rituals and even learning something new.

Think about it...are you going about your days doing the same thing, in the same manner, over and over?

Maybe some of these habits are generational. Meaning, you've been doing them like you were taught by your parents and like they were taught by their parents.

And maybe they don’t serve you, but you can't stop doing it. Or more likely, you don't know how to stop.

Do you ever catch yourself standing in your kitchen thinking, "Holy shit, I sound just like my mother. What has happened to me? I swore I would never act like that."

Heredity plays a role in almost all human development. Not only do we tend to look like our parents, but in many instances we act like them. Sometimes that may not be a good thing.  Times change, as do the circumstances that surround us.

That is what we are going to be talking about today with my guest Ebony Rose. We also discuss the work she is doing by apply the teachings of the Akashic Records to parenting.

Ebony Rose is an appreciative mom of two, a boy and a girl. They are the biggest blessing in her life. She gets caught up in awe not only with how they talk (sooo cute) but also their topics of discussion. Like any parent, her pollitos (Spanish for chickadees) can drive her crazy, but there is always gratitude for it. After all, they won’t be children forever. She was born, raised, and continues to live in the Sparkling City by the Sea, Corpus Christi, Texas. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has quite a few graduate credit hours under her belt. One semester away from graduating with a Master’s in Psychology she stopped, took a step back to evaluate her life choices, and never went back. Someday maybe you will read about it in one of her posts. Possessing the feeling that she still wants to help people, she has turned to the Healing Arts including Reiki and Akashic Records to be of service to others. Although she tends to keep her life private, she trusts that by sharing her life with her posts and building relationships with people they will accept her, quirks and all, just as she accepts them just as they are.

The Akashic Records is a collective of consciousness, of all the experiences that ever occurred on the Earth including all civilizations, all lifetimes, all realities.

We connect with the Akashic Records to access these memories and experiences from the past, present  and/or future experiences. 

It’s like a huge library that helps us understand why we act as we do.

Through every experience we create our own sets of beliefs and attach feelings to them. Many times those beliefs and feelings are created by a memory which can hold you back in life and keep you from taking action toward your dreams.

When your Records are opened, you get the big picture where you are able to see, without judgement, many of these experiences which have contributed to experiences and behavior in this lifetime.

By going into the Akashic Records, the communication can open up between the parent and child to strengthen the connections and create a more secure relationship. Through this process, any blockages that are preventing a deeper bond are cleared.

Working in the Akashic Records instead of just psychology can help the process move along a lot quicker.

All children want is to feel loved and safe. 

Parents want the best for their child, but that may not necessarily be what comes through in parenting skills. They may lack the confidence and turn to what was taught to them.

There is a lot of uncertainty in parenting.

The Akashic Records can offer a place of non-judgement to build new skills. It can offer a way to break the generational patterns. With non-judgement we can also offer forgiveness to help break these patterns.

It’s healing all around for both the parent and the child.

Her work can help to empower the Spirit by instilling more security in the parent and offering the child a feeling of being more confident and trusting of becoming who they are meant to be, a truly amazing self.



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