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The Empowered Spirit Show

Jan 17, 2018

This episode breaks away from my normal format and just really talks about how to get started with a spiritual practice.


We start by creating a simple sacred space and then we create a morning rituals.


The real key is to continue .. Each and every single day.


So I’d like to break down the process for you.


The ritual of just sitting in your sacred space can be a place to begin.


And maybe that is all you do at first, create the space, burn some sage and sit.


That is perfect!


But if you like to take it to the next space, AFEW elements are needed.


Come into your sacred space.  

A - AIR - Breathe. 

F - FIRE - Light your sage

E - EARTH - Ground with Mother Earth.

W - WATER - Allow the emotions to flow.


Continue the breath and breathe for 5 minutes or more.


Open up to feeling, seeing, knowing and hearing as you continue with your breath.


After 5 mins  bring the awareness back to your sacred space.


Ground your energy by acknowledging  your presence with this ritual and that now it is complete.


And there you go.. A morning ritual that you can do right as you arise in the morning!


As you go about your day and your week, notice what this does for you.  Really make a note of it.  It’s too easy to not acknowledge the many benefits that are happening and slip out of the ritual.  


Awareness is really important here.

Acknowledging it will help you to build a solid spiritual practice.

In my next episode, I will share a ritual for the work place.


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