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The Empowered Spirit Show

Feb 1, 2016

In this week's episode Catch Your Spirit with Terri Ann Heiman welcomes back  author Barry Sayewitz and his new book, Two Pans and a Pot.   A cookbook about family, push ups and fresh foods It’s a Nutritional Battlefield Out There Do you find yourself loving your food or fighting with it? In today’s information era, the landscape of "healthy cooking and eating" is overwhelming. With brands and influencers posting misleading claims, deceptive labels and promoting new super foods, parents are overloaded with conflicting information. That’s where Two Pans and a Pot comes in. Barry Sayewitz created a unique family cookbook that explores topics such as: deceptive food labeling, do I really need to buy organic?, the path food takes from the farm and ocean to your kithcen table, the truth about gluten and how these topics relate to you and your family’s health. This book will transform the way you approach healthy eating. No Michelin Star chefs, no intimidating terminology, no intricate skills needed, just three easy to learn basic cooking techniques.  You and your family will embark on a journey of nutrition and cooking education while improving overall wellness. Join us and learn how you can love your food more and those you cook for as well!