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The Empowered Spirit Show

Jun 13, 2018

I have to admit, back in the 90’s, I was not awake to my life.

I knew something was wrong but just not aware enough to really figure it out.

Until it all exploded and it was staring me right in the face.

I’m talking about my husband being in love with another woman.

I knew things were off, but I was too busy to stop and really look beneath the surface to figure it out until that moment.

That moment forced me to look at what was going on.

Once I woke up to my life, I learned a lot.

I learned about myself, about my Spirit and how to take care of my two small children.

The number one thing that helped me was learning about my Spirit.

I learned about listening to my own inner guidance so that I could slow down and trust my intuition to make decisions and gain the confidence I needed as a single mom.

It’s not always easy being a single mom, but the tools I learned helped me find support from my community, build a network of support for my children and me and even manifest a job.

As a single mom, I know how important it is to feel supported and have the necessary resources. This is why I am so passionate about empowering other single moms to learn these skills.

This is one of the reasons that I teach learning about the Spirit instead of just offering treatments.

It’s so important to renew the Spirit when we move through transitions like divorce. 

Renewing the Spirit is the theme of this year’s Single Mother’s Empowerment Conference and my topic today on The Empowered Spirit Show.  My guest is the founder, Linda Mays Welch.  Many of you may remember Linda from ABC 33/40 here in Birmingham.

She is the founder of The Single Mother’s Empowerment Conference and it is her advocacy.

Linda is an award-winning television news anchor and best feature news reporter as noted by the Alabama Associated Press Broadcasters Association and the Alabama Broadcasters Association. She’s been informing, interviewing, listening, writing and telling the stories of the people of Central Alabama for nearly three decades. Linda shares her expertise and experience to train individuals and groups to successfully deliver media interviews. Linda holds a BA degree in Mass Communications/Broadcasting from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Here are the show notes and time stamps from the episode:

•   1:00 - Cosmic Energy - New Moon - June Energy - Join me on the Energy Focus for the Week in the Empowered Spirit Circle on Facebook

•   4:15 - Meditation Honoring the Super New Moon - Shaman Oracle Card: The Sacrifice - Offer up your attachments and open up to the rituals in your life for greater awareness.

•   8:00 - Linda Mays Welch is Founder and Executive Director of Single Mothers Empowerment Conference, Inc. (SMEC), a nonprofit organization. She works to empower single parent women to persevere as family leaders especially when facing challenges involving finances, relationships, parenting, health and wellness, business, workplace issues, communication and life transitions. SMEC provides mentorship, professional resources, motivation and a strong network of support.

•   11:30 - SMEC Conference - 5th Annual - Renew Your Spirit - The conference brings together a variety of experts and single mothers, as Linda knows, there’s power in information and knowledge. Linda says, “Without a network of strong support, trusted resources, and motivation, the challenges and goals of families headed by single mothers often go unmet.” Linda speaks to teach single mothers to renew their mindset during life transitions so they can overcome challenges and achieve their desired goals faster. Linda believes every single mother matters!

•   17:00 - Free Childcare!

•   18:42 - Tickets

•   19:00 - Email your application to nominate: Every Single Mother Matters!

•   20:45 - Study from Mayo Clinic - Fellowship of women coming together will be healthier and happier.

•   22:11 Speakers:

•   Terri Ann Heiman - Empowering the Spirit: Moving Through Difficult Life Transitions with Ease

•   Kathy Boswell - Release Your Disbelief - Believe Now!

•   Shellie Lang - Power Tools - Women Under Construction Network - Restoring Your Power

•   Chandra Sparks Splood - Mamma with a Mission

•   Debra Nelson - Elevate, LLC - Elevate Now - Steps to Empower Yourself

•   Dr. Stephanie Yates - Finances - Your Habits & Attitude Toward Money

•   Lynn Burton Clifton - Mom Maintenance

•   Melva Tate - Tate Associates - Helping Teenage Moms

Adopt a desire for personal growth!

It’s so important to learn self-advocacy!

This conference can help empower the spirit for single mothers.  Coming together and sharing information is so helpful.

Heart to heart, let us join together and create this network for Single Mothers!

Join us at the conference.

Reach out for support.

If you need help with your inner guidance, contact me. 

I am registering now for my summer season of the Empowered Spirit Program.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with a new summer series. I will be taking a few weeks off to finish my research and put the series together.

The series will focus on empowering the Spirit, right down to the cellular structure and our endocannabinoid system.

But for now…join me on the Energy Focus on FB live Sunday mornings.

Thanks again for listening.

Stay strong in your spiritual practice!

Be aware and be awake!

To your Spirit,


PS…I am registering now for my summer season of the Empowered Spirit Program. Click here for more information.

PSS…Only two spots left for the next Reiki 1 Certification Class on June 16th.  Click here before it is too late!

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