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The Empowered Spirit Show

Aug 31, 2019

Welcome back to the ESS.  Thank you so much for tuning in and joining me today.

As I talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week, we are in the midst of a seasonal transition with many cosmic forces going on. The fall will bring in lots of change and lots of forward motion. Tune in on Sundays on Facebook and Instagram Live at 8:00pm for the Energy Focus for the Week.

As we transition into a new season here on the ESS, we open up with a new  podcast series.
A series all about intuition and how intuition can help you in your life.  It helps you to know your energy better, helps you to make better decisions, helps you to trust your gut instincts. We all have this ability…but we do have to train it.

I will be talking to lots of people who have had various experiences with their own intuitive abilities, experiences that have lead them to the work they are now doing. 

My guest on this episode is Sarah Weiss.

Sarah Weiss has been a professional medical intuitive and spiritual guide for over 30 years. She relies upon her intuition, daily, to help others on their journey towards health and wholeness. She can see what is unseen and hear what is unheard. Intuition gives her access to the beautiful and awesome mysteries of life.

Sarah is naturally intuitive. She arrived in this world with awakened intuitive abilities. As a baby and young child, she had access to the unseen and creative worlds. She began shaping her intuitive abilities as healing and guidance skills at the age of 19 when she began studying with a Sufi master.

She has studied with two other masters, one Taoist and one in the Inka lineage.

These three masters guided and supervised her training in this world and have since passed to the beyond.

Her grandfather was a medical doctor and a medical intuitive, and he passed his abilities to her through the family lineage. At age 27, he fully activated her medical intuitive abilities through a visionary experience.

Every path requires daily practice. Even if you are born knowing you are intuitive or psychic, it is only through this daily practice that your skills will grow.

Sarah is passionate about helping anyone and everyone connect to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Heart that surrounds us all. This grounding connection brings us back to our true nature and depth awareness of our connection to the Oneness and Aliveness of creation.

She works with people from all walks of life—Medical and Mental health professionals work collaboratively with Sarah to maximize the health and well being of their patients and clients.

She teaches Meditation and Mindfulness at a local University as a full credit course and offers classes in mysticism, healing, and intuitive development. She currently focuses on helping empaths appreciate their nature as energy decoders. Her upcoming workshop at Esalen is called “Emancipating the Soul from Trauma’s Grasp”.

She can be reached through her website, Facebook, or Instagram

Empaths are a preview of the future of humanity!

Inspired to learn more about your own empathic abilities? Reach out. Find me on social media or contact me through this episode.

To your Spirit,


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