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The Empowered Spirit Show

Aug 24, 2019

Welcome back to the ESS.  Thank you so much for tuning in and joining me today.

We are in the midst of a seasonal transition with lots of cosmic forces going on. The fall will bring in lots of change and lots of forward motion.

Everything around us is shifting in vibration and it’s easy to get stuck, but as you take control of your energy you will understand that you can be a master to it.

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As we transition into a new season here on the ESS, we open up with a new  podcast series.
A series all about intuition and how intuition can help you in your life.  It helps you to know your energy better, helps you to make better decisions, helps you to trust your gut instincts. We all have this ability…but we do have to train it.

I will be talking to lots of people who have had various experiences with their own intuitive abilities, experiences that have lead them to the work they are now doing. 

My first guest is Jennifer Moore whose newest book, Empathic Mastery, is due out this October.

Former Hot Mess and World Class Awfulizer, Jennifer Moore is a mentor and teacher for sensitive, intuitive women. Born from the long lines of high-strung people, Jen (as her family and friends call her) spent the first thirty years of her life struggling to control fear and emotional overwhelm. This constant white-knuckling left Jen exhausted, anxious and over-medicated. Out of sheer desperation, she surrendered to embracing professional support, self-help programs and personal recovery. The relief Jen felt was life changing. This inspired her to develop her own professional skills and share what she learned with others who suffer too. Today Jen stays (mostly) calm, centered and compassionate, even while the chaos and intensity heats up on this planet. With well over thirty years of professional experience, a Master’s degree in Psychology & Religion and the distinct honor of being one of EFT International’s 18 accredited Master Trainers in the United States, Jennifer brings depth, compassion and wisdom to her work helping empathic women. Jennifer lives in coastal Maine surrounded by flowers, herbs and elderberry bushes. She shares this green (though sometimes snow covered) paradise with her husband David, Bob the pug, Lyra the Maine coon cat and George the groundhog who’s taken up residence beneath their deck. Find her at and follow her on Social Media for the latest news.

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Empathic Mastery updates

In this episode we talk about:

  • Basic definitions of both  “empathy”  and Empathic

  • The Impact of Being So Sensitive

  • Why Empaths are So Sensitive

  • The Empath’s Energy System

  • Psychic or Empath or Intuitive?

  • The Characteristics of Empaths

  • Empaths and Weight

  • The Steps to Empathic Health:  Recognize, Release, Protect, Connect, Act

  • As you cultivate your awareness as an empath, you begin to understand that many people on the planet are still asleep

  • The Steps to Empathic Health:  Recognize, Release, Protect, Connect, Act


    Empaths often experience things without knowing where they’re coming from. Recognizing their actual source is instrumental to managing your feelings. 

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    To your Spirit,


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