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The Empowered Spirit Show

Mar 2, 2019

As this podcast goes to air, we are moving through the last phase of the moon cycle, which is also known as the dark of the moon.  

It is still a time of releasing excess energy from the month, offering you the opportunity to free your energy system of the excess emotions, doubts, obstacles, and limiting beliefs that can get in your way.  

As you release this energy, you allow yourself  to go deeper within to hear the messages of your Spirit and to prepare for the new moon ahead…which will be an important one for manifesting.

We’ve just moved into the sun sign of Pisces, which is all about opening up your intuitive abilities and deepening your spiritual awareness. Pisces is a sign that is known for having a sixth sense, so you can bring in this vibration and practice the skills of intuition with a higher rate of success. Intuition is a skill you can learn. This energy allows you the capacity to communicate your own emotions as well as recognize the needs of others.

Pisces teaches us that intuition is a real superpower!  

So if you aren’t training yours, and especially not trusting yours, now is the time to do this…and the cosmic forces will support you in this.

As we talked about on the last couple of episodes, untrained empathic and intuitive abilities can wreak havoc on your energy system and open you up to lots of excess energy that isn’t even your own.  Many people confuse being an empath with being intuitive… but as we will talked about in the last episodes, there are differences.

Knowing  who you are and how to express your intuitive nature is a big emphasis during this cycle.  Are you aware of your intuitive abilities? Are you practicing the skills to sharpen this “super power” as I like to call it, or are you just taking in lots of information, guessing about everything and leaving yourself wide open?

Can you acknowledge the empathic energy versus the intuitive energy you hold and can you create better boundaries for yourself?

The other aspect that has lots of importance right now in the cosmic forces that I will continue to refer to (because it’s big) is that Chiron has left Pisces and moved into  Aries, which means you will be less likely to fall into emotional struggles, sufferings and victim energy that we've been seeing and feeling over the past few years. With Chiron in Aries, you will be challenged to stand up for yourself as an individual and live your personal truth.  

Here’s the important thing…the challenge will be to trust that you have inside of you what it takes to stand up for yourself or you might feel that the Imposter Archetype is taking over, making you unsure of your abilities. All the more reason to strengthen your inner Spirit.

In this episode, we will be continuing our conversation on Empathic Energy.

The question that came forward from several people was how do you protect yourself if you are very empathic?

If you are an Empath, being in public places can be a traumatizing affair. Simply GOING to the shopping mall can mean you end up ‘wearing’ someone else’s energy for the rest of the day. Which isn’t such a bad thing if the energy is positive and highly charged. But it is mostly the not-so-nice energy that follows you home.

 I have found the best way to stay protected when out in public places is to either take preemptive measures before leaving home or use energy balancing techniques as and when needed.

As all Empaths are different, what works for one might not work for another. And depending on the circumstances, you might need to use different techniques for different situations…or several techniques all at once.

Listen to the complete podcast for some of the most effective and easy protective techniques I have found that you can use before, during or after crowd exposure.

With so much stress in the world, finding tools and techniques to rest, to pause and be aware of our energy is so vital.

Having a spiritual practice in this overwhelmingly busy time period in history is crucial, for both our health and mental sanity.

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To your Spirit!


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