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The Empowered Spirit Show

Jan 31, 2018

Today, as this podcast is airing, it’s another Super Full Moon, also known as a blue moon, the second one in January.


It’s in the sign of Leo, and we have an eclipse that opens the door for more to follow.


These times are calling us to really hone in on being aware of what’s going on, especially what’s going on within.


Many times our vulnerabilities come forward at this time, and if we don’t have a spiritual practice, we can turn to outside addictions for help.


I find having a spiritual practice can be soothing to your vulnerabilities. It allows the ego to feel loved while getting it out of the way, returning to the quiet and the stillness.


Many times we like to hide these vulnerable parts of ourselves.


We turn to outside help…like partying, drinking, eating, or shopping…and we loose more control.


My guest today, Renny Rooster shares with us her vulnerability and how integrating yoga and meditation into life helped her to build her spiritual practice and move beyond her limiting beliefs.


As she shares with us, yoga connected her to her Spirit!


“It can be a constant fight with yourself over what to do with your life.”


Yoga gave her the courage to take that step…over and over.


She suggested a book that she was reading, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer.


How to Get Started:

  • Research the different varieties of Yoga - pick 3
  • Reflect on how you feel after each class
  • Focus on those reflections so that your ability to become more aware grows


Addiction is prevalent everywhere. Yoga and meditation is a great way to overcome this.


What’s one thing you love about yourself? You’ve got to look at the positives.


Turn it around and focus on what is good!


Yoga brings you awareness and gives you an opportunity to look at yourself through the lens of not only your physical body but also your mental, spiritual, and emotional layers. Yoga and meditation gives your access to the deeper layers within yourself.


When you can sit with yourself, even in crisis, that is the empowering part for our Spirit.


Renny Rooster’s two favorite things are yoga and writing. She is confident when saying that both of these avenues have saved her life in more ways than she can count. Renny’s life mission has become a journey of sharing consciousness and positivity with the world. Connecting with spirit and divinity is possible through numerous outlets and she feels called to use the platforms of yoga, meditation, and writing to connect with Source.


Renny been writing since she could pick up a pen, but yoga is a more recent addition. She spontaneously attended her first 200hr yoga teacher training while backpacking around Central America in April 2016. Little did she know, this month would cause a complete change of lifestyle, goals, and dreams. Since then, Renny has attended 60hr Hot yoga training and finished her 300hr advanced yoga teacher training in Fort Collins. Both trainings were through Kula Collective, a shamanic yoga organization that changed her life and many others.


Contact Renny at and visit her website here.


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