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The Empowered Spirit Show

Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is a day associated with the energy of Love!

Now, there is much written about this Saint and how the energy has become a holiday (so to speak).

I guess it’s not really a holiday but a day celebrated in the name of love…chocolate, cards, gifts, dinners out, and romantic interludes.

What is it for you?

It can bring up lots of emotions for many.  I remember being a child at school and hoping I would get something special or secret. Maybe you remember something similar and it has stuck with you as well.  

Memories can make energy, imprints that can create lots of expectations.

Can you recognize this within you?

On the last episode of the Empowered Spirit Show, we talked about love and the power of going deep within your own self and tapping into the source of love to build a strength of feminine energy. As we build our feminine boundaries we can begin to know our deeper self.

To me, this is what the day is about. Not expecting. Not wanting. Just being in that source of self love.

Love is a high vibration.

This week we have a time of lots of different energy.

We have Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Dark of the Moon, New Moon Eclipse, and the Chinese New Year!

But the biggest influence, mixed in with this energy of love, is the energy of the New Moon Eclipse.

It’s a loving mix of energy of originality, an unconventional energy that can help you to shift.

We start out by asking, what is this energy about for you? 

What is love about for you?

It’s a day that we celebrate in the name of love, chocolate, letters, cards, dinners and so much more!

It’s a day we tap into that deeper source of who we are.

What is it for you?

Is it about expecting or wanting? 

Or, can it be about just loving yourself?

It’s also the dark of the moon, so some of this energy will be mixed with deeper feelings.

But don't despair.

We open up to a portal of energy with the New Moon Eclipse on the day after.

In this episode we welcome back Laurie Zelinski from with her Empowered Report to help us understand all this energy.

Laurie has had a long time fascination with stars, planets, and Astrology. She believes Astrology is a tool that can help you understand and heal yourself and can ultimately lead to radical self-acceptance and love.

Laurie's studies guided her to uncovering the importance of the North Node in the Natal Chart and what it reveals about one's soul purpose. In astrology, your life purpose is encoded in the North Node and South Node of the moon.

Where can you open up to your originality and creativity? 

The new moon Solar Eclipse is at 27 degrees Aquarius, which brings in creativity and originality.

Aquarius is an air sign, and air signs are about thinking and the layers of the mind.

Generally new moons are about new intentions, but with the closeness to the South Node, this moon is about letting go of past energy, including past lives, past traumas, and past hurts.

We don't have a full moon in February so we must use this New Moon to the fullest.

As Laurie reminds us, offer a New Moon Ceremony and be sure to include these two things:

1) Let go of something.

2) Set intentions.

Offer an Aquarius Mantra:

     I am original!

     I am unique!

      I am one of a kind!

We have an important aspect this month as well. It's with the energy of Jupiter squaring the sun and the moon so it's an expansive energy.

The Cosmos are asking you to step up and be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Don’t bring the trauma to the table!

Step up.

Where do you want to change things in your life?

The Cosmos has your back!

Let go of the old and attract something delicious and new!

Be cosmic!

The stars never lie!

We also have the energy of Saturn coming back around to its sign of Capricorn, which is about responsibilities. This aspect will be with us until December 2020.

You will notice areas in your life in which you must take responsibility and do the work.

And, if you do, the rewards will come around.

All the planets are direct until March 8th, so launch new products to move forward.

The Cosmos are smart!

Laurie is passionate about helping others discover who they are and live their soul's purpose; she can be reached at

Find her on instagram at @zgirlastrology

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