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The Empowered Spirit Show

Jan 16, 2018

As we look at 2018, in numerology the number 11 is a Master Number. 'Master’ meaning it is of an intense and high vibrational frequency working within the spiritual, magical and transformational realms of creation.

We get this by adding the digits in the year: 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

This year will be a portal of energy that possess great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in your life.

The choices you make during this Year have the potential to springboard great leaps in the collective consciousness of our planet.
As we move forward in this master year, I invite you to be a master to your life.

Work with your intentions.

Work with your spiritual development.

Bring it into your everyday life.


Why do we need to do this?

This will help you to build your confidence in who you are.

It will help you to ascertain situations in your life that need understanding.

This will help you to show up strong with the ability to make good, strong choices.

There is a lot going on in the world. And the ability for you to decipher it all is huge.

Who are you listening to?

If you need help getting started on a Spiritual Path, reach out and contact me for a complimentary "Empowered Spirit" Discovery Session.

It's time to bring your energy forward in a whole new light with this new year.


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