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The Empowered Spirit Show

Mar 6, 2017

The Empowered Spirit Show  347-996-5387 What is Dharma? How do I know my life's purpose? What is Spiritual Evolution? How can this wisdom make you rich? We answer these questions and more on this episode of The Empowered Spirt Show with our guest Vishnu Swami, The Maverick Monk. Vishnu Swami was bestowed the greatest honor of becoming the world's youngest Swami, at the age of 23. His unique approach to unraveling the wisdom of the past, in a way that is simple, easy to understand, practical, clear, even a bit controversial at times, has lead him to be featured internationally in multiple media platforms. Over two decades of training in the spiritual arts, healing practices, extraordinary life experiences, and personal growth has now culminated in his newest offering; his book Eternal Dharma: How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender and Embrace Your Life's True Purpose.  In this powerful new book meant for everyone seeking purpose and deep spiritual connection, Eternal Dharma makes clear that Dharma is something everyone must grasp to achieve a life of alignment with their own nature and the nature of the Divine. Without that, success, love, and joy are elusive and hard to achieve. Join my Facebook group!