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The Empowered Spirit Show

Feb 7, 2018

Here we are in the month of February. 

A month that reminds us of all kinds of love.

What is love for you?

What are you attracting into your relationships?

One of the energies that I love to look at in this month of February is the energy of the Goddess Aphrodite.

Her name is synonymous with love, and to understand her you first must understand her primary lesson, self love.

Always known to be so lovely, her energy invites you to revel in your own unique strengths and beauty.

She reminds you that you don’t need to be anyone else to feel happy or desired.  

Her energy helps you to accept yourself as more than enough and to honor yourself by learning to gain confidence from the inside out.

To hunger for a romantic partner to complete you rather than develop your own core self is a path many take but that rarely leads to happiness.

This is the subject of our episode.

My guest, Jaqueline Marie is a Love Mentor, Priestess, Healer and Teacher of Sacred Feminine Embodiment. She helps successful, single women get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can attract and deepen True Love & Sacred Partnership.

She is the founder of TheSoulofLove, an online global sisterhood where women come to reconnect with their Soul, reclaim their deep, sensual, sacred, feminine power, and create the Life and Love Relationship of their Dreams.

We had a deep conversation starting with SELF LOVE!

Self love is at the heart of it all. And our card for this episode is Here and Now from Wisdom of the Oracles. The power is being present to what is available to you right here, right now.

You must first and foremost connect within. Feeling the boundaries of your own heart is key.

All too often you attract a perfect match for your pain, not your pleasure.

How you actually love and what you associate with love is what is attracted.

Finding that source of love is what will shift this energy.

That source of love is you!

The kind of love you see in every aspect of your life is what you attract.

We are taught that outward things will help us to find love, but actually it’s the opposite.

Love and connection starts within.

Always attracting the wrong person is common for many because subconscious memories can get in the way.

It’s not necessarily done on purpose, but the laws of attraction are working here, in the opposite way of what you actually want.

Your attractions become a match to how you are living, breathing, and thinking.

You have called them in, knowingly or unknowingly.

As Jaqueline suggests, “You can find a soul mate at any level you are vibrating at, at any state of consciousness.”

So if you are living in fear, self doubt, or self loathing, you will attract the perfect partner to match this vibration and mirror it right back to you.

All to often that strong desire for love turns to lust, which ultimately attracts the perfect match for your pain, not your pleasure.

You form your ideas about love at an early age.

You take on these imprints, but you can shift the inner trajectory.

As Jaqueline advises, “No matter what you have experienced, you can always come back into perfect alignment with love, compassion, and joy. There is no thing that is beyond healing.”

You can begin to break this up through the 3 Keys to Feminine Embodiment:

  1. Meditation - connects to a greater consciousness
  2. Movement - opens the body to joy
  3. Mantra - connects the throat to the womb space

If there is a real devotion, curiosity, and intention to fully connect to a greater consciousness, it will give you the power to shift, especially your mind. As you connect to this greater consciousness, you connect to the source of love.

That source of love is within you!

As you create a relationship deep within, as a woman you can then create a relationship to your womb space and to your vagina or yoni in Sanskirt.

As you embrace the feminine embodiment of who you are, you can define your feminine boundaries.  

Feminine boundaries are needed at this time.  

Creating these boundaries brings you back to creating the love you want and the way you want to be treated. There won’t be feelings of rejection because you are in control of what you are accepting into your life.

As Jaqueline urges, “Have the courage to speak your boundaries. Honesty will always be rewarded by the Universe.” 

Often in the moment, speaking the truth is terrifying. But you must sit back, breathe, and allow yourself to get to the other side. That is where the power is!

Yes, it’s a life long process of learning to do this. 

And that is where true intimacy comes in.

Face the fear and the fear will open up to the experience of deeper understanding of yourself and your feminine boundaries.

Surrender and open from the inside, from the energy of a woman, the womb.  

Attract the pleasure and deeper love from the inside out.

Allow the divine plan to unfold.

You are a unique spark of love!

Website: - Yoni Breathing gift to you.



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